Romantic embroidery designs

The most romantic designs of the whole embroidery collection belong under the chapter Romance. These include our famous LanArte ladies. Characterized by soft colors and great detail, these embroidery designs are loved by everyone.

The collection includes women of all ages. From little girls doing ballet to teenage girls with their horse. There’s also a series with French girls with their traditional pearls and hats with veil. Further, the collection exists of some sweet little girls, dreaming away. More recently added are the green fairy and the blue and pink fairy. These are quite popular designs already.

Some of the designs are made on dark fabric. For example the kit Woman & flowers, that is based on the design ‘The Rose Garden’ of Lee Bogle. The dark fabric brings mystery into the scene. Other designs have a subtly printed background, which gives the impression of watercolor paint. This certainly adds some character to the picture.

All of the designs have one thing in common. To clarify, they all feature the same soft pastel colors. Therefore they all breathe romance.

One of the romantic designs is already transformed into a Diamond painting. But more lovely designs are coming!

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