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Diamond Painting

Recently, LanArte added a new technique to their assortment: the Diamond painting. For years, LanArte was known for its beautiful counted cross stitch kits of great quality. But by transforming several LanArte designs into diamond painting, they can shine like they deserve. This new technique can be seen as embroidery with diamonds. All you need to do is remove the plastic foil and stick the small diamonds onto the printed pattern. This way you can create a dazzling mosaic.

The kits include a printed pattern with a sticky layer and enough dots to complete the work of art. In the kit are a stylus and tray included. These make it easier to pick up and stick down the diamonds. The kit also contains reusable plastic bags for the leftover diamonds. When you are taking a break or want to change colors you can easily put the leftover diamonds away. If you take a break while working on your painting, just add the plastic foil back on top to protect it.

For the moment, there are 5 different designs in various themes. But more beautiful designs are coming. There won’t only be adaptations to already existing counted cross stitch designs. But also a lot of new designs will be made especially for the LanArte Diamond painting collection.

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