Embroider classic paintings!

The classic embroidery collection of LanArte combines different subjects. Choose between designs based on paintings by famous painters like Vermeer or Michelangelo. For instance Renoirs ‘Luncheon of the Boating Party’ and ‘Het Melkmeisje’ of Vermeer are translated into needlework kits. Further, the collection includes seven Dutch designs in Delft blue. Discover Belgium or the Netherlands by embroidered travel maps. The travel maps contain all of the hotspots of Belgium or the Netherlands. With their dimensions of 64 by 50 cm (25,6” x 20”) and 66 by 99 cm (66” x 69”), they are a real challenge!

Popular in the collection are the two fairies in black, white and blue. Similar to these are the three ballerina girls in black and white. These form a series but can also perfectly stand on their own.

Some of the kits have a subtly printed background. As a result this gives you the genuine feeling of looking at a painting. This is the case for the design based on Michelangelo’s ‘The Creation of Adam’. It certainly is the perfect combination between printed fabric and embroidery.

The Classic collection is for sure the most divergent of them all.

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