Discover different cultures while embroidering!

Embroider different cultures! Travel the world while stitching, with the most detailed portraits of various ethnic groups. Embroider for instance one of the lovely Asian ladies, surrounded by blue or red flowers. Or do you prefer the Latin-American vibes with the dancing couple? Further, the collection includes some beautiful Latinas, recognizable by their typical roses.

Some of the embroidery kits have a subtly printed background to add an extra touch to the end result. For example the series of African ladies has a printed background in bright yellow. This results in a beautiful contrast with the earthy and colorful tones of the ladies’ clothes.

Often, the designs are made on dark fabric, which makes the colors pop out and turns the needlework into a true work of art. Just take a look at the Gypsy girl and the African lady on dark fabric. You’ll have to admit that the dark background brings mystery into the design.

Get lost in the enchanting eyes of the oriental beauties. Or benefit from the calming effect of the Buddha. This piece also has a printed background to add more life to the design.

For the moment you can find the Asian lady in red in Diamond painting too. But many more designs are coming!

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