Counted cross stitch kit Terrace in autumn bloom PN-0008016

New Collection 2020/4

The new collection 2020/4 is out! Every year, several new items join the LanArte collection. LanArte already launched 2 collections this year. You can find them in the flyers New Collection 2020/1 and 2020/3.

Right before the summer, LanArte launches its third collection already. This flyer of the 2020/4 collection features 10 new needlework kits. The collection contains a couple of happy summer designs, for example the ones of the front porch and the garden of a house. In addition to that, there are 3 designs with beautiful flowers. Also very romantic are the designs of the couple sitting in nature and the two lovebirds between flowers. Of course a new design of Marjolein Bastin couldn’t miss from this collection. This time, it’s a design with white flowers, a red bow and some berries giving a Christmas vibe because of the red and green color combination. One design really stands out in this collection, and that’s the one with the ballerina feet. This is made on black fabric, which makes the colors really pop from the fabric! And to top it off, our Secret Stitch Along 2020/1 is now available as a complete kit!

Which one is your favorite?

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