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Primavera 2014



We would like to start 2014 with the fantastic news about the launch of our Lanarte Spring 2014/1 collection!
Our new collection consists of 12 completely new designs in different themes: romantic, floral, cultural and animals.

The eye catching portraits of the “African Lady” and the “Asian Flower Girl”,
the soft pastel colours of the romantic paintings by Vladimir Volegov (his previous “ The Fortune Telling” is one of the bestsellers!),
the aquarelle tints of the floral compositions and
the cute little city cats by Kate Mawdsley in petit point technique – all these unique designs are a part of our brand new collection!

But besides this we have more special news about the brand: as of now Lanarte will be launching 4 new collections a year instead of 2 (each collection will contain approximately 10 new designs)!

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collectieDiscover our newest LanArte 2015/2 collection; 12 colourful yet tender, passionate, beautiful and cute designs, all celebrating the start of spring.
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Catálogo C28
springNuestros últimos bordado catálogo le ofrece un resumen de Lanarte's nuevo y clásico diseños de bordado.
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Catálogo C29
springEn marzo 2014 presentamos el nuevo LanArte al mundo: el nuevo embalaje, el nuevo estilo y la nueva viñeta. Y ahora, después de 9 meses finalmente está aquí: el nacimiento de nuestro catálogo principal: LanArte C29 (2015-2016)!
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colección 2014/2
2014/2We are delighted to present you our brand new Lanarte collection 2014/2 and the new Lanarte look!
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colección 2014/3
collectieWe are delighted to present you the 3rd collection of the year.
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colección 2014/4
collectieAutumn mood. Without a doubt you make a good choice to start your craft season now.
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Colecctión 2015/1
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Colecctión 2015/3
collectieDiscover our newest LanArte 2015/3 collection."
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Colecctión 2015/4
collectieDiscover our newest LanArte 2015/4 collection."
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Otoño 2013
AutumnHojea por nuestro catálogo, y déjese inspirar por nuestro nuevos paquetes de punto de cruz; o tome un vistazo en nuestra colecciones haciendo clic sobre 'Colección’.
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Primavera 2013
Primavera¡Cambia! ¡El frescor de los colores amarillo y verde! ¡Nueva vida!
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