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              Maria van Scharrenburg 






Maria van Scharrenburg is a well established artist who began her career in her early twenties and since then has developed a unique style of her own. She is not only a painter but she has also produced works of acrylic painting and has experimented with various techniques involving textiles.


Maria has worked on commissions worldwide for both commercial projects and the general public. She produced a portrait of King Hussein to commemorate his 25th anniversary which was such a success that a portrait of his son soon followed. She also designed a tableau for Bouvigne Castle, which has now been fully restored, and has also produced tableaus for the theatre, the largest of which measured 4 x 2 metres.


She continues to be surprised at the variation in colour and form of nature which she can achieve through cross stitch and is still excited at the prospect of creating cross stitch from her own artistic projects.


Since 1982, Maria has concentrated exclusively on cross stitch designs. As her designs became more popular her business grew in relation to her success. Due to business pressures, she found herself more and more involved with the business activities and decided that she was missing her true passion for design. She made a decision to return to her original love of designing and formed an alliance with Lanarte who now takes care of production and marketing on her behalf.


She now devotes her time to creating beautiful designs in cross stitch which are enjoyed by thousands of needleworkers worldwide.

If you wish to take a look at all the designs of Maria van Scharrenburg, go to Maria van Scharrenburg.


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