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Platinum Needlecraft is a new series of embroidery kits by Lanarte in an American designing style. This means dramatic, more exuberant and classic. Conspicuous is the use of strong colours and multiple back-stitching. Even beginning embroiderers shall assess the designs as easy to make. These creations originate from well-known (mostly) American artists/painters.


All kits are designed to be embroidered on the Aida- fabric, with emphasis on the larger design sizes. The fabric of this new collection will mostly be embroidered completely. In this first series there are six new creations being released
Spanish beauty
nr: 38013A
30 x 30 cm
collectieDiscover our newest LanArte 2015/2 collection; 12 colourful yet tender, passionate, beautiful and cute designs, all celebrating the start of spring.
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Autumn 2013
AutumnWe are delighted to share with you the launch of our brand new Autumn 2013 Lanarte collection!
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Catalogue C28
springOur latest embroidery catalogue offers you a summary of Lanarte’s latest and classical Embroidery designs.
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Catalogue C29
Catalogue_C29In March 2014 we presented the new LanArte to the world: the new packaging, new style and a new logo. Now, 9 months later, we are delighted to announce the birth of our brand new main catalogue C29 (2015-2016)!
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collection 2014/2
2014/2We are delighted to present you our brand new Lanarte collection 2014/2 and the new Lanarte look!
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collection 2014/3
collectieWe are delighted to present you the 3rd collection of the year.
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collection 2014/4
collectieAutumn mood. Without a doubt you make a good choice to start your craft season now.
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Collection 2015/1
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Collection 2015/3
collectieDiscover our newest LanArte 2015/3 collection."
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Collection 2015/4
Discover our newest LanArte 2015/4 collection."
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Spring 2013
SpringChange! Fresh, yellow green colours! New life!
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Spring 2014
Spring We would like to start 2014 with the fantastic news about the launch of our Lanarte Spring 2014/1 collection!
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