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Marjolein Bastin

Marjolein Bastin is a well known illustrator whose subjects are drawn from nature. Her work appears weekly in "Libelle", the leading Dutch magazine. Since she published in North America her work has become extremely successful. By perfectly capturing the spirit of her drawing Lanarte makes it possible for you to have an original Marjolein Bastin design in cross-stitch.

To date, over 40 of her designs have been translated into cross-stitch kits by Lanarte and are marketed worldwide. The kits illustrate both large and small designs giving a wide choice for all lovers of cross-stitch. You will find stitching them a real delight, particularly because of the variety of color and the beautiful detail of the design.

Surrounded by many windows, in her office, she feels most in touch with nature. From behind her spacious desk she is able to intensely enjoy all that is happening outside. Thus, she produces those magnificent works of art so much appreciated by a wide audience. Therefore, one may find prints of her creations on cards, agendas, soaps, boxes, cans, booklets and embroidery kits. Once Marjolein has selected a suitable design to be translated into an embroidery pattern, Lanarte's mosaic-makers (that is how their trade is referred to) begin to perform this extremely peculiar task with success.

It is a long translation process in which the strokes of the paint brush are replaced by little cross-stitches and stem-stitches, etc. Then the pattern is tested and adjusted several times until Lanarte is satisfied. All of this occurs under the watchful eyes of Marjolein. She maintains the highest quality of her products and refuses to accept any compromise in that respect. Marjolein's designs are admired and praised in many nations within Europe and beyond. Also in America her work is much loved.

A selection of the designs
from Marjolein Bastin

"Watering can/strawberries",
22 x 29 cm
Lanarte kit No. 34355

Marjolein Bastin: "nature
keeps fascinating me;
each time you discover
something new".

"The four seasons",
52 x 63 cm
Lanarte kit No. 34263

"The pecking order",
69 x 18 cm
Lanarte kit No. 34287

Marjolein Bastin at her desk: "this is where I am in my element"
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